The ‘context’ is truly disturbing
Kelly Hawes pontificates (Flashpoint: “Let’s all try to keep the election in context”) in the Nov 14, 2016 edition as follows:
“The election does not mean that racists have taken over ...”
“The election also shouldn’t be seen as an affirmation of the abuse of women ...”
It’s fine to note that of the 60-plus million who voted for Donald Trump, not all were racist or sexist. Point made. Point, however, meaningless.
The facts that Hawes should put in “context” are these: President-elect Donald Trump is a racist; President-elect Donald Trump is a sexist. President-elect Donald Trump spoke and tweeted, acted and confirmed, both of these charges against him before and during the campaign, yet 60-plus-million voters chose to ignore these facts.
And 60-plus-million voters chose to place his actions and expressed racist and sexist thoughts outside of the context of their voting decisions.
Pure and simple, Trump voters are enablers and supporters of President-elect Donald Trump’s racism and sexism.
If you are an American, a minority and/or a woman, this is the racist and sexist “context” in which you now live.
This “context,” this dangerous, unfair, unjust world was delivered to you by the vote of 60-plus-million Americans. I would call this deplorable.
— Gary W. Daily, Terre Haute