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Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding -- Masterpiece Theater or Wall Street Journal?

“When the last of the bunting is taken down, the marriage of William Wales and Catherine Middleton may be remembered not so much as a magical fairytale, but as a hard-edged business case study. . . .”
While skipping through Princess Kate’s ancestry (go to “descendants” in this article) it was interesting to see among her Great-greats relatives who were domestics, coal miners and field hinds (sic).  Does this make you believe in Cinderella, or at least in Julia Roberts’s “Pretty Woman”?  Judging by the multi-millions spent on this wedding in the midst of economic depression aggravated by mindless austerity measures, I’m thinking the Brits would have preferred to have Kate’s diamond tiara sold at auction, the proceeds going to public job creation.  Americans?  They could care less.  Give them the glitz!  London or Las Vegas, they’re buying in.  A line of credit for Julia on Rodeo Drive made her a “Pretty Woman” with pseudo-class and, for the materialistic minded in the U$ of A,  a credit card and a nearby Wal-Mart is all it takes to be a Princess in their own minds

The royal wedding