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Sunday, January 20, 2013

"How Long? Not Long!" Happy Birthday Martin Luther King, Jr.

Montgomery, AL, 1965


Two minutes from one of Martin Luther King, Jr. greatest speeches.

Friday, January 04, 2013

Keep the Mitrostat Handy and Your Huggies on straight

I guess those high paid, risk taking, pressure packed positions on Wall Street and in the corporate world are stress whirlpools.  I’ve personally heard the denizens of these jungles, nerves all a jangle, mumbling over their $15 custom martinis that they are facing the dreaded task of giving a 20 to 30 minute report, in public, in just three weeks. I guess this is why we have a stress and  public speaking workshop industry catering to MBAs. And let’s not forget all those psychologists on retainers and druggists ministering to tense, once a month orators  Do these guys/gals earn those 6K salaries or what?

So here comes Forbes [ GO HERE ], the comic book porn Bible of the managerial class, reporting that university teaching is the #1 LEAST stressful job of 2013.  Good to know. Though public speaking is what most university professors do as a basic part of their job, they do it for hours most days of the week, every week, I guess university professors are immune to the stress bond dealers juggling derivatives  and Vice Presidents in charge of wanna-be Vice Presidents face when they have occasion to speak in front of an audience.

University professors should celebrate their “We’re #1" status. They should put aside the no new  news here from Forbes that salaries of university professors are “not a huge amount of money but enough to live on.” (Feel better about that pitifully small monthly check, Professor XY and Z?)  And university professors can ignore scientific studies on public speaking and stress related health problems. You know these studies, don’t you?  I can’t quite make it through the scientific vocabulary and terms, but I get the drift: public speaking is bad for heart health and can cause you to piss and shit in your pants.




Have a nice stress free day professor.  Just keep the Mitrostat handy and the Huggies on straight.