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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Elizabeth Real - Photo Journalist in The Haute

I’m sitting in the always crowded Starbucks this morning reading the Sunday NYT.  A thirtyish looking woman is nearby, working on her computer.  Fifteen minutes later she catches my eye and says, “I love the New York Times.”  We talk about what a great paper it is and then she hits me with this bombshell.  Her name is Elizabeth Real, she’s a photo-journalist from Switzerland and she beamingly tells me she had a photo in last Sunday’s NYT “Sunday Review” section. (See link here.)  I told Elizabeth I read the story and sent it along to my daughter who teaches at the high school level.  It turns out she’s in the states doing more research on a story she’s been working on for four years.  The story is about Iraq vets. (Or possibly vets of many of the world’s wars.)  It turns out one of her subjects is from The Haute.  Elizabeth was fascinating to meet and talk with.  For those interested, I Googled “Elizabeth Real Switzerland” and found a wonderful web page of her work at Elizabeth Real - Photographer.

She seems to have been everywhere, from Sri Lanka to Kosovo and many stops in between.  Just happy to have met her this sunny morning during her stop in Terre Haute.


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