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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Daily Dose of Depression --Good News, Bad News, Have It Your Way

EDITORIAL: Jobless rate falling; cross your fingers

   Evansville Courier Journal –  Posted February 8, 2012 at 3 a.m.

The economy added 243,000 new jobs last month. Excluding the 2010 Census hiring bulge and March and April surges, this is the biggest burst of hiring since March 2006. The unemployment rate now has fallen for five straight months, a hopeful sign of recovery. . . .

All economic reports come with "on the other hand" disclaimers, but even here the bad news is not as bad as it was. The economy added 1.82 million jobs last year, twice as many as in 2010. That still leaves 12.8 million Americans unemployed; that's the fewest since the recession ended in June 2009, for what comfort it's worth.

For President Barack Obama to benefit from these numbers, two things have to happen: The economy has to continue improving, and voters have to feel viscerally that the economy is indeed getting better.
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As you might expect,  many online responses turned this lukewarm "good" news into just more political hash and charges of another Obama conspiracy.

Ironically, the Radical Right is correct about these numbers in their usual crooked reasoning kind of way. Gains like this are not going to get us out of the Bush Depression before election day or any day for years to come. In this they are in agreement with that. . . (deep breath here) Commie Keynesian, Paul Krugman!

What's missing from the Rights’ bowel movement thoughts?  These "I got mine, you get yours" boys are without clue or plan.  Their “Do Nothing and Tomorrow, Tomorrow, The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow” refrain  leaves us wallowing in unregulated, unproductive, and unfair Market Freedom mire.  Follow their narrow dream thought process and our future days, and their grand kid’s future nightmares, will be filled with the reality of hopping on and off  the merry go round ride of the resume machine to nowhere.

In fairness, the Radical Right and their conservative toadies do suggest one answer to our market mess depression. It goes like this:  "There are employers out there that can't find decent people to hire."

Sure there are.  Corporations sitting on heaped up cash reserves are just panting for good people.  Brilliant, risk-taking entrepreneurs are anxious to put together plans and people for that moon base Gingrich sees as our economic future.  Just don't ask:  Where do the under and the unemployed go to sign up?


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