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Saturday, January 23, 2010

It's a Good Day for Democrats -- 3

Always remember this.

Even Scott Brown knows this:

-if nothing is done, by 2019 there will be 57 million Americans without health care insurance,

-if nothing is done, by 2019 employer paid health care insurance will cost $20,000+ per employee, up $10,000 from current costs.

This is why Scot Brown and Mitt Romney support the Massachusetts health care system which goes beyond that proposed in the Senate.

And just what do the Tea Partiers and Republicans propose to do with these facts staring America in the face? "No!" and Nothing are the only responses coming from their direction. To Republicans and Tea Partiers I say, write a program meeting these problems. Do it in 2 pages or 2000 pages, but let's hear some specifics engaging these realities.

Listen carefully. Hear the silence.

Republicans in Congress won't produce a program because they know the complex facts of the problem of health care reform. This makes them hypocrites every time they criticize the Democrats efforts.

Tea Partiers will never provide answers to pressing policy problems because they are not about the well being of the nation, only about applying ego-salve to their pathetic personal feelings of loss and inadequacy. This makes them a bunch of adolescent whiners.

This being the case, the Democrats should push, shove, force, their health care program through. Let the babies who stand on the sideline waving their empty rattles get all red in the face. Democrats need to show some backbone, some statesmanship, some political courage. They should work to make history and quit looking over their shoulders at the next election. That's for do-nothing, lobbyfied, bending to the wind, Tea Party petrified, Republicans.

And never forget this.


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