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Friday, January 22, 2010

It's a Good Day for Democrats --2

Always remember this.

It's a good day for Democrats.

As we well know, no explanations are necessary in these Tea Party Times when emotions rule and "No!" is the extent and essence of the Republican’s program. In this political climate, reasoned explanations are superfluous. Democrats need to hammer home the reality of the Bush Depression and Republican and conservative opposition to doing anything about economic suffering. The people suffering and those with sense and fellow feeling will vote accordingly.

But there is work to be done. And method precedes object.

Senator elect Cosmo won on what is being called "public unease." The Democrats can win on this as well. They need to point (keep pointing, and point some more) their finger at the causes of this unease--the Bush Depression and Republican inaction/obstructionism. The prosperous bond traders and bankers will howl, clueless Teabaggers will grimace, and those unemployed and unable to send their kids to school in new clothes in September will vote Democratic in November.

Real Democrats need to get on message. Send the yellow dogs to a kennel in limbo. They are a part of a puppy mill that soils the truths of what real Democrats stand for. Better a vanguard of idealists than a motley crew of scavenger camp followers.

Work from the central belief that the Republicans can only go so far on the oil of hollow slogans and the fumes of fear. Trust the voters. Educate and establish for the public the truth that the Republicans are without solutions or substance.

Democrats should repeat this every day and into any microphone that comes within fifteen feet. They should not explain themselves at length. They should punch home job stimulus legislation, heavy bank regulations, taxes on bail out bonus greed, and cuts in defense spending which can be reinvested in the domestic economy. The value of these steps are self-evident and should be proposed and achieved in this tone.

When challenged on any of this, the Democrats should shrug their shoulders and say, "Of course this is what we are doing. Bush wrecked the country and the minority Republicans offer nothing to help the people and the nation he wrecked."

[Version of this appeared in Terre Haute Tribune Star, Feb. 2, 2010.]

And never forget this.


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