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Monday, November 30, 2009

Cutting Through the Smoke, Again and Still

It's my hope that we continue to return to the topic of banning smoking in venues opening their doors to the public until we finally, the last car on the nation's train to a healthy environment , pass state wide legislation doing so.

Sometimes late, but always appreciated, help for this thoroughly researched, reasoned and needed legislation comes from surprising sources. Here's the Indy Star editorializing on the need for the ban in Indianapolis. It answers all the flimsy and irrelevant questions opponents always put forward.

Indy Star editorial
November 30, 2009

The best answer: pass the ban . . .


Interestingly, no comment on this issue from the state's supposedly #1 health advocate, My Man Mitch. He is silent. Why so mute, Mitch? Are you working on a plan to outsource all second-hand smoke? Keep it up My Man, you'll soon be seeing more and more of those "Ditch Mitch" banners as people cut through the haze of smoke you’ve been blowing.

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