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Friday, November 26, 2010

Daily Dose of Depression (DDD)

November 25, 2010
Auburn Is Seeing Crimson Over Questions and Rivalry

The most anticipated day of every year in the state of Alabama has arrived with Auburn football devotees caught in a riptide of emotions. . . .

N.C.A.A. violations have landed the Tigers on probation six times, totaling 12 years, since 1956, though none recently. (Alabama received penalties last year for the fourth time since the mid-1990s.) . . .  [my emphasis]    GO HERE FOR FULL ARTICLE

Does the NCAA need a “Six strikes and you're out rule”?  Why would any self-respecting institution of higher education want to put up with a record like this? Why would any self-respecting institution of higher education want to establish, cater to, and cower before an army of team boosters that ignore a record of malfeasance equal to Auburn’s, Alabama's,  or _______________, or ____________, or ________________ (you fill in the blanks, many Big Buck Programs to choose from)?

Yeah, the Auburn - Alabama game will be a big game.  Anyone with their nose to the wind will be able to smell it.



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