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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Limbaugh and Gang Set to Bury "Joe the Shovel"

Jobs will be created by the Obama stimulus, long ignored building and maintenance will be carried out on the nations’s infrastructure, a start will be made on turning the sorry state of our schools in the right direction, and more and more Americans will smile on President Obama and frown on the obstructionists in Congress.

What course is open to the mangled and marginalized shockcasters on the right?

Next week, next month, soon, Fox News, Limbaugh, O’Reilly, and the rest of the wired haters on the right will report on the stimulus with outrage. The veins will be sticking out on their necks and their words will be chocked with anger, as if lobster from the great state of Snowe and Collins, was sticking in their craws.

With frenzied fury--fingers pointing, lips curling-- they will place the needle on the disk and bellow: Wake up America!-- the Obama stimulus is riddled with theft, corruption, graft, condom peddling and worse.

Of course the peddlers of hyperbole will find some poor schmo in Grand Rapids or El Centro who took a shiny new shovel home with him rather than using it to stick into the hard ground on a “shovel ready” stimulus project. O'Reilly will throw around “tip of the iceberg” scare rhetoric. Limbaugh will add another counterfeit bead to his “I told you so” self-righteous bling, an adornment conveniently missing all of the “I was wrong” baubles he's thrown the public’s way for years.

Stimulus problems? We’ll see some. But what these right wing guardians of the purse chose not to see or report through all the tragic years of the Iraq war is the colossal waste and crime described in this story of graft in Iraq. The entire, not a tip, of this filthy iceberg remains clearly in view.

But don’t expect to hear anything about the colossal waste of the Iraq war from Limbaugh and his ilk. From them it will be, “Let’s not play the blame game with Iraq and the past. We caught “Joe the Shovel” out in Pocatello. Right now. This is on your watch Barack Hussein Obama.”

Right wing zealots, Bush tail-enders, Ron Paul converts, Kondratieff wave wierdos, Austrian School hardliners, and Wall Street plunder boys will fill web sites and oped pages with such minutia. All attempting to turn a shovel into a bulldozer in people’s minds.

None of this will take with the American people desperately in need of economic relief “right now.” Unfortunately, it will divert attention from the cost of two wars still being fought and paid for and long ago revealed to be what they never were.


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