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Friday, April 11, 2008

WAR -- The Money [Part 10]

As the April 15 tax deadline approaches, it's hoped that people will pay more attention to where their tax dollars are being spent. The Iraq war is essentially being paid for through debt, debt we and our children and children's children will be paying on long after this blog continues to exist. The servicing of this debt will mean (and here you can add or subtract items according to your own preferences) less support for human services, infra-structure repair and maintenance, alternative energy programs, national park support, low cost housing initiatives, true homeland security, and on and on.

George W. Bush has a long life in front of him after he is finally flushed out of office. His lack of intellectual curiosity and human empathy will not allow him to envision the havoc he has wreaked on this country. As he rides his bike toward his last tomorrow, what will this man be thinking? All speculations welcomed.

Inheriting President Bush's war
By Kim Ghattas
BBC News, Washington 10 April 2008

Hillary Clinton called for the start of an "orderly" withdrawal from Iraq, Mr Obama suggested a diplomatic surge that would involve talking to Iran and John McCain warned against a withdrawal that would lead to "genocide". . . .

"We are stuck in a twilight zone in Iraq," said Democratic Senate Majority leader Harry Reid. "When violence is up, the president says we cannot bring our troops home.

"When violence dips, the president says we cannot bring our troops home. With 160,000 courageous American troops serving in Iraq, President Bush has an exit strategy for just one man - himself on 20 January, 2009."

A lot of the questions during the hearing were related to the cost of the war - currently estimated at $10bn (£5bn) a month - and the burden this constitutes for the American taxpayer.
The reconstruction of Iraq also relies heavily on US money, while Iraqi oil revenues are growing, with a surplus estimated at $30bn in US banks according to Senator Carl Levin, a Democrat and chairman of the armed services committee.

Democrats want to try to push legislation that would force Iraq to spend those revenues on reconstruction and in that there seems to be unusual bi-partisan agreement. Republican senators also asked why the Iraqis were not using more of their own money.

Republican Senator John Barrasso from Wyoming said: "We're a generous people but our patience is not unlimited."

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